Secure. Safe. Private.

When it comes to financial technology, security can't be an afterthought. It has to be a core tenet built into the product and the company right from the start.

We don’t store any banking credentials

We don’t have access to your credentials. We work with providers such as Plaid, who have years of experience and bank partnerships for properly handling and securing your banking data.

Encryption you can trust

All data is encrypted using NSA-approved AES specifications. All data is encrypted at rest, and purged on account closure.

Tooling that respects your privacy

We don't use products like Google Analytics (which has a poor history with customer privacy), instead focusing on building internal tools or only working with companies that also hold customer security and privacy in high regard.

We don’t sell your data or upsell you on other stuff

Financial tools and services are historically incentivized to make money by selling your data to other companies or playing middleman for credit card offers and mortgages.

We’re building Maybe to only be incentivized to build amazing tools for you to manage and grow your finances. This is why we charge a monthly fee instead of saying we’re “free” and then sell your data elsewhere (which, again, is what the vast majority of existing financial tools do).

We are incentivized to help you, not to help other companies.

No one from Maybe will access your financial data

In cases where our team may need access to perform support (such as helping you with your account or answering data accuracy questions), we won't access it without explicit written consent from you. We will get your consent every time.

When working on a support issue, we make security and privacy a top priority. We only access the minimum data needed to resolve your issue.

Bank-grade security

We use Auth0 for authentication and authorization. Auth0 is used by thousands of enterprise-level banks, healthcare institutions, and public companies to ensure top-of-line account security and user experience.

Committed to protecting your data

Financial data and personally identifiable information are stored and transmitted securely.

Accountable to you

We’re committed to building Maybe in public. By being transparent, it holds us accountable to you, the customer. We regularly write about the process of building the company on Twitter, and in our public Discord server.

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