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How is Maybe different than Personal Capital?

by Josh Pigford

Personal Capital is our closest and largest competitor. For a while, we'll likely have a good bit of feature overlap as we lay the groundwork, which is fine. I'm comfortable with that.

However, there are some key differences in direction and incentives that are important.

Personal Capital (and tools like it) are directionally focused on financial advisory and investment management services. If you've used their software for more than an hour, you know how much they try to upsell you with emails, phone calls and in-app prompts.

And the reason this is a big deal is that they're not incentivized to help you become financially literate or provide you with the tools you need to be financially independent.

They're incentivized to keep the tools juuuust crippled enough that you'll want/need to reach out to them and pay for financial advisory services.

This is the antithesis of Maybe.

We're incentivizing ourselves to build the tools so that you never need a financial advisor. We want you to be completely self-sufficient and educated enough to manage your own investment for decades to come. And that can't happen when the tools you're using are optimized towards funneling you in to a long-term financial advisory agreement.

Technology can and will empower you to have full control of your wealth. And Maybe will be the foundation of that.

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