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Maybe is modern financial & investment planning

At the core of Maybe is helping you dream of what the future could be.

Working 30 years and then riding off in to the sunset at 65 isn't the goal for most people anymore. You want to experience life, take risks and pour your heart in to what matters most to you. You want to dream. And Maybe helps you do that.

Maybe you open a coffee shop? Maybe you take a trip to Asia? Maybe you put your money in to index funds and live off the returns? Maybe you dabble in crypto? Maybe you invest in art? Maybe you buy your dream home?

Maybe helps you figure out what's possible and how to get there.

Spoiler alert

Maybe isn't a budgeting tool or a simple stock tracker. It's the entire view of your finances and investments…the 30,000 foot view that helps you understand where you've been and where you're going.

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David Ulevitch avatar

David Ulevitch


It blows my mind that there’s still not a single Personal FP&A / forecasting tool out there. Nothing that supports multiple account types, loans (home, auto, etc.), various equities and assets (stocks, bonds, tokens, etc.) and does forecasting, scenarios, and simulations.

Julie Stolzer avatar

Julie Stolzer


Why isn’t there a tool I can use to be my own CFP rather than pay 1% to Fidelity for someone to use THEIR tools w/frequently flawed assumptions??

Quinn Emmett avatar

Quinn Emmett


I’ve spent years building out a model in excel. It’s wild. My wife and I are both screenwriters, which means $ is very unpredictable past 6 months out, but I can now show/alter life events, kids school, when retirement kicks in, change growth, inflation, etc

Trey Praytor avatar

Trey Praytor


This is going to save me from so many spreadsheets

Ann Bordetsky avatar

Ann Bordetsky


I’ve been wondering the same for years, why hasn’t anyone built a true personal finance application? Wealthfront is closest but not that useful for real life scenario planning

Chris Koerner avatar

Chris Koerner


I'd love to see a Personal Capital competitor that incorporates crypto, Seed Invest, Fundrise, AcreTrader, NFTs, etc...I have to visit half a dozen places to get a rough idea of how well things are going.

Scott Spilker avatar

Scott Spilker


Adding an educational aspect to the scenarios modeling is something I've thought a lot about. I've written many versions of these in Excel and have tried to write a tool as well. It boggles my mind that books and training are available but tools are not.

Ana avatar



People like me end up investing by themselves. Specially corp people with saved money. But I spend too much time in finviz&coinmarketcap on the weekends to find the real gems. If there was a tool to give me honest alerts on different instrument types it would rock.

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Modern financial planning & investment management. Get early access and help shape the product by dropping in your email address.