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Track everything, all in one place

Stop wrangling custom sheets and jumping between browser tabs. Maybe brings all of your accounts under one roof, automatically.

Link accounts automagically 10,000+ institutions to choose from when linking your accounts
All your assets and debts charted Visualize your accounts with beautiful charts
See how you stack up Benchmark your returns against indexes and other assets
Keep tabs on everything All your accounts in one place
Uncover new insight Get insight on whether you’re okay or need fine-tuning
Is my current investing strategy on track? Portfolio management What can I do to minimize taxes annually? US Tax How much should I be setting aside for retirement? Retirement

Ask an advisor. Yes, a real one.

No video calls, no calendar invites, just ask any question on your own time and get it answered by qualified professionals.

Ask unlimited questions Use one of our template questions or write your own
On your time No calls, just ask and get an answer
Not just text Video and audio replies too
Meet Travis, our lead advisor Also Maybe co-founder, CFP®, CFA & ready to help
Included in Premium No $500 per question here
Keep the conversation going Ask follow up questions and get more clarity
2049 $256k

Simulate your financial maybes

Run simulations to visualize different milestones like reaching financial independence, starting a business or buying your first home.

See where you’re at years from now Simulate your net worth and see the probability of reaching your goals
Get plan feedback See what works and what needs fixing
Account for change Make changes to events to test your plan
Plan for that big moment Input milestones, goals, or what ifs you expect to happen
Lifetime income and expenses See all your money ins and outs in one place

A few more things you may want to know

Security, community and transparency are things we value. Instead of just mentioning them, here’s how we’re putting them to action.

Safe and secure We treat your financial data like we’d want ours to be treated, by using strong encryption and secure authentication.
Built in public Unlike most financial companies, we’re committed to transparency. Follow our journey and shape Maybe with us.

Turn your maybe into a sure thing

Get started with Maybe and start realizing your financial dreams.

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